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Rack and Pinion

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A rack and pinion assembly help transfer rotational force from the steering wheel to the front wheels. A steering shaft is attached to the steering column. The steering shaft has a pinion attached which connects to a linear gear with teeth called the rack. When the steering wheel is rotated, the gear on the shaft turns onto the rack and allows it to grip onto the teeth of the rack, which then turns the wheels. Tie Rods, which help push and pull the wheels when turning, are attached to the Steering Rack at each end.

Instruction of Rack Assembly

To assemble connected racks more smoothly, 2 ends of a standard rack would add half tooth which is convenient for next half tooth of next rack to be connected to a complete tooth. The following drawing shows how 2 racks connect and tooth gauge can control pitch position accurately.
With regards to connection of helical racks, it can be connected accurately by opposite tooth gauge.
1. When connecting racks, we recommend lock bores on the sides of rack first, and lock bores by the sequence of the foundation. With assembling the tooth gauge, pitch position of racks can be assembled accurately and completely.
2. Last, lock the position pins on 2 sides of rack; the assembly is completed.

Advantages of rack and pinion transmission

(1) Large transmission power

(2) Long life, stable operation and high reliability

(3) It can ensure a constant transmission ratio and can transmit motion between two shafts at any included angle

Gear Rack Application

mainly used in various mechanical transmission systems, like Automation Machine, CNC Machine, Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Construction works and so on.