China best CZPT 8e1422066t Auto Power Steering Gear Assy Hydraulic Power Steering Rack and Pinion for Audi CZPT 56500-A0000 56500-4n500 56500-L4000 56500-2h100 supplier

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 HDAG 8e1422066t Auto Power Steering Gear Assy Hydraulic Power Steering Rack and Pinion for Audi CHINAMFG 565,7852501805, 8E1422052QX,8E1422053MX, 8E1422052PX,8E1422053KX, 8E1422052EX,8E1422053BX, 8E1422052BX,8E1422053AX, 8D1422053AX,8E1422053CX, 8E1422052AX,8E1422054EX, 8E1422052FX,8E1422065DX,  Type hydraulic Driving Direction LHD Our model DNX8052

CAR Model Platform Type year Motor
Audi A4 8E2, B6 1.6 2
9571762   90 0571     26046285 90495805   9 40360-28000 40360-36900  

Steering rack 100% Testing
I. Each steering rack no matter mechanical or hydraulic will be tested and ensure without any stuck and noises and good balance under follow testing bench:

II. Oil leakage 100% testing after assemble but before shipment:

III. Quality guarantee: We promise to all of our old and new customers:one year guarantee since B/L DATE, If we ship u wrong products or any quality problem, we will full compensation with free.

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Including high precisonal machining centre, rack bar machining, rack pinion machining, gear machining and grinding, automatic welding, custom logo printing, assemble and packing etc…

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ALFA ROMEO          
46413329 46763561 46533006 60811336 6571340 60618477
6 0571 019 51839101 73557148 46737907 6 0571 18  
8E0145155F 4B0145156A 7L6422154C 4B0145155T 8N0145154A 8D0145156T
8E0145155N 3B7422154A 7L6422154D 4B0145155TX 6N0145157X 7M0145157B
8E0145155 4B0145156R 7L8422154 4B0145156 1J0422154H 1038842
8E0145155X 1H0422154D 8K0145156N 4B0145156X 4B0145153 157160
8E0145155T 1H0422157C 8K0145156K 8D0145145l 8E0145153H 95VW3A674EA
4Z7145156E 1J0422154X 8K0145156T 8D0145155Q 8E0145153 95VW3A674EB
4B0145155D 1J0422154A 8E0145155P 8D0145155QX 7L6422154E 4F0145155H
4B0145155E 1J0422154 8D0145156TX 8D0145155X 7L8422154D 7693955277
4B0145155M 6N0145157 8E0145156S 8D0145156F 7L6422154 7L8422154ES
4B0145155R 6MO145157 8D0145156KX 8D0145156FX 7L6422154A
4B0145155RX 1J0422154B 8K0145156R 8D0145156K 7L6422154B 8001705
3241457171 32411094965 32411095845 32416761876 6777321 32411095750
6769887 1094965 32416753274 6761876 3 32416756158
4039954 32411092742 32416756582 6754172 32414038768 32416756175
32414039954 1094098 32416760034 1095748 32416766215 32416798865
32416769887 157149 32416750423 6756575 32416769768 32416756737
457171 1 0571 40 32416760036 32416754172 32416777321 676988704
32414571151 1092741 6760036 32411095748 32416762158 32416763557
32416768155 1092742 6750423 3241157155 32416766071 32416766051
32411092603 32411094098 67504239 32416756575 32416757913 32416763556
1092604 3241157149 6760034 3241345716 32416766702 7696974122
32411092604 32411092741 2228979 4 0571 79 32416757840 32412229037
1092603 3 2229037 4038768 32416757914 6769768
32411092433 32411094089 32412228979 6766215 32411092898 3241157148
2657169 88963473        
96837813 96230842 5491881 96626762 96626764 96451970
9033005 96255516 96985600 95977413 96497571 96834907
7JK0600150 25953816 96535224 96298852 25953817 96550113
96837812 96626557        
4007.CJ 9636425980 4007.HR 4007.N4 4007.EF 4007.VR
9631411580 4007.0F 4007.5C 4007.V9 4007.V6 9654342980
9684650880 4007.61 4007.6C 4007.93 4007.WP 140571680
96314111580 4007.Z2 4007.P0 9614429080 4007EF 4007.KL
2657136 4007.TQ 4007.81 9614428880 4007V6 9624659580
26064217 4007.WL 4007.W3 9614428980 9634816080 965645710
4007.4E 4007.JC 4007.V8 4007.JF 9638931980 9636086680
9631914180 4007.H0 9631923680 4007.2A 4007.2C 4007.7A
4007.3C 9659820880 9612206880 4007.AN 4007.JH 4007.6A
4007.3E 9647790780 9642495380 9642495180 4007.LS 96144290
4007.4C 4007.KX 9642495480 9642495280 4007.AT 4007.57
4007.4E 4007.V7 4007.Q4 9638380080 9631923580 4007.JJ
4007.7E 4007.9 4007.A3 4007.KK 9632335380 4007.AL
4007.JG 7847017 4007000  CSP72102GS 4007.EA 4007.HY
4007.KY 9120146480 4007.03 4007.5E 9617753380 4007.LP
9151454080 9622072080        
95216830 9571213 96535224 96834917 5948571  
6 0571 18 55186441 46406954 7765710 1477396080 77 0571 5
46524141 46764513 46413323 963657180 4007.CJ 46459346
46473841 46401703 7668650 4007CJ 46541004
4641 0571 46410956 46479292 9645464980 55186442
46436958 7707425 46408075 9626552081 46413324
46475018 40571 4007.J1 71788931 7746143 4007.TA
46406957 1400980180 9615918188 1461315080 46413332 46401704
91AB 3A674 CA 90VB3A674DA 7M0145157RX 77571944 4638902 1332457
6483568 6787424 95VW3A674EB 770571308 EF9532650B 1357617
4070364 6588779 157160 770571156 YC1C3A674GA 1363849
6170134 92VB3A674AA 6718228 7700845716 1569693 1366465
XS6C-3A674-KAAM 7M0145157AA 90VB33674CB 77571157 6C113A696AJ 1426694
95AB-3A674-BA 98VW3A674AA 90VB3A674AC 77571160 1141655 1495668
91AB-3A674-BA 1113038 1660613 4515540 1227887 1666079
1225584 1358571 1361818 2S6C3A696CL 2S6C3A696CC 2S6C3A696CB
1357641 1358497 1473440 433571 2S6C3A696CD 2S6C3A696CE
1357997 1371089 1C1C3A696AC RM2S6J3A674CE 2S6C3A696CF 2S6C3A696CG
1C1C3A696AA 1C1C3A696AB 1C1C3A696AE 1M513A696CB 2S6C3A696CH 2S6C3A696CK
1M513A696CC 1S6C3A674AA 1S6C3A674AB 1S6C3A674AC 1S7C3A674CA 1S7C3A674CB
3554493 395715 4032436 4042571 457164 4048773
4 0571 52 4056078 457183 457193 41 0571 3 41 0571 7
4121762 4123761 4153191 4178574 4376991 4386951
4511901 4533382 4691863 4796969 4797515 F7RC3A674BC
F83C3A674CB RM1C13A696BB RM1C1J3A674BB RM1S6J3A674AB RM1M5J3A674CB RM1S7J3A674CB
3749551 F2RC3A674AB F4RC3A674GD F5RC3A674DC F7RC3A674DA 1358039
457147 F4RC3A674GA F5RC3A674CB F5RC3A674FA F7RC3A674EA 3571572
6789571 F5RC3A674GA F5RC3A674HA F6RC3A674CB F33C3A674DA 3049841
6483567 6778262 1648088 F83C3A674BB F83C3A674BA 6891391
86GB3A674EA 91AB3A674AA 91AB3A674BA 91VB3A674AA 92AB3A674AB 92АВ3А674АВ
95AB3A674BA 4147206 7145717 F4RC3A674AD 1638628 6185779
85GB3A674AD 1363848 1666077 87GB3A674AB 92BB3A674AA V85BB3A674AA
1357616 RM2S6J3A674BE 1366464 1495688 2S6C3A696BF 2S6C3A696BG
2S6C3A696BC 4330720 2S6C3A696BE 2S6C3A696BD F33C3A674BA 3751949
2S6C3A696BJ 357178 XS6C3A674DAAM F6RC3A674DC F33CA674BA 4147211
3751947 XS6C3A674CAAM XS6C3A674CA 3751817 F6RC3A674EA F6RC3A674DCAM
115571 1358056 RMXS6J3A674CA F6RC3A674BB 4032435 4153203
1233536 1255760 1358536 1364116 1373802 4571430
3664622 3838811 1M513A696BA 1M513A696BB 1M513A696BC 4 0571 90
XS6C3A674AB XS6C3A674AC 1755033 2S6C3A696DA 2S6C3A696DD 4330726
1416165 1S7C3A696AJ 11 0571 4 1635632 137571 RM2S6C3A696DD
F83C3D639AC 28145157 1534806 18571 6C113A671AB RM6C113A674AA
1S7C3K770AA 1853489 6C113A674AA 6C113A674AB 6C113A674AC BL3Z-3A696-A
56110-RNA-035     56110RNA035 56110-RAA-A01     56110RAAA01 56110-RFE-003    56110RFE003 56110-PNB-003   56110PNB003 56110PNBG01 56100-R40-A04    56100R40A04
56100 RNA A000 56110-RBB-E01       56110RBBE01 56110-RNA-A01    56110RNAA01 56110-RTA-003    56110RTA003 56110PNBG02 56110-RCA-A01   56110RCAA01
06531RNA000 56110-SDA       56110SDA 56110-RAA-A02    56110RAAA02 56110PNB307 56110PNBG04 56110PVJA01
56110-SNA        56110SNA 56110-RBA-E01      56110RBAE01 56110-PAA-A01    56110PAAA01 56110-PNB-A01     56110PNBA01 56110PNBG05 56110-P8F-AO2  56110P8FAO2
56110-PLA-013      56110PLA013 56110-PNB-G02    56110PNBG02 56110-PLA-571RM   56110PLA571RM 56110-PLA-571      56110PLA571 56110-S9A        56110S9A 56110-P8F-AO1   56110P8FAO1

  /* January 22, 2571 19:08:37 */!function(){function s(e,r){var a,o={};try{e&&e.split(“,”).forEach(function(e,t){e&&(a=e.match(/(.*?):(.*)$/))&&1

After-sales Service: Three Years
Warranty: One Year
Type: Steering Gears/Shaft
Material: Aluminum
Certification: ISO, Ts16949
Automatic: Automatic


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plastic gear rack

What safety considerations should be kept in mind when working with rack and pinion?

When working with rack and pinion systems, several safety considerations should be kept in mind to ensure the well-being of personnel and the proper functioning of the equipment. Here’s a detailed explanation of the safety considerations:

  • Guarding: It is essential to install appropriate guarding around the rack and pinion system to prevent accidental contact with moving parts. Guards should be designed to restrict access to the gears, especially the pinion gear, to avoid the risk of entanglement or injury. Guards can be physical barriers, safety enclosures, or interlocked covers that prevent access to the moving components while allowing necessary maintenance and inspection activities.
  • Emergency Stop: Incorporating an emergency stop system is crucial for safety. An easily accessible emergency stop button or switch should be installed to quickly halt the motion of the rack and pinion system in case of an emergency or when there is an imminent risk of injury. The emergency stop system should be clearly labeled, easily identifiable, and functionally tested to ensure its reliability.
  • Lockout/Tagout Procedures: When performing maintenance, repair, or adjustment tasks on the rack and pinion system, proper lockout/tagout procedures should be followed. This involves isolating the system from its power source, locking and tagging the energy isolation devices, and ensuring that authorized personnel are aware of the ongoing work. Lockout/tagout procedures help prevent accidental start-up or energization of the system, safeguarding against potential injuries.
  • Proper Training: Operators and maintenance personnel should receive adequate training on the safe operation, maintenance, and handling of rack and pinion systems. They should be familiar with the potential hazards associated with the equipment and understand the safety protocols and procedures to follow. Training should cover topics such as proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE), safe working distances, emergency response, and the recognition of abnormal operating conditions.
  • Regular Inspections and Maintenance: Routine inspections and maintenance should be conducted to identify any potential safety hazards or signs of wear and tear. This includes inspecting the rack and pinion gears, checking for loose or damaged components, and ensuring proper lubrication. Any identified issues should be addressed promptly to maintain the safe operation of the system.
  • Load Capacity and Overload: It is crucial to operate the rack and pinion system within its specified load capacity limits. Exceeding the load capacity can lead to gear failure or other mechanical issues, posing a safety risk. Care should be taken to properly assess and understand the weight and forces involved in the application and ensure that the rack and pinion system is appropriately sized and rated for the intended load.
  • Environmental Factors: Consideration should be given to environmental factors that can affect the safe operation of the rack and pinion system. For example, moisture, dust, extreme temperatures, or corrosive substances can impact the performance and longevity of the system. Adequate environmental protection measures, such as sealing, ventilation, or specialized coatings, should be implemented as necessary to maintain safe and reliable operation.

By adhering to proper guarding, implementing emergency stop systems, following lockout/tagout procedures, providing training, conducting regular inspections, operating within load capacity limits, and considering environmental factors, the safety of working with rack and pinion systems can be effectively maintained. Prioritizing safety ensures a secure working environment and minimizes the risk of accidents or injuries.

plastic gear rack

How do rack and pinion systems handle variations in backlash and precision?

Rack and pinion systems are designed to minimize variations in backlash and ensure high precision in motion control. Here’s a detailed explanation of how rack and pinion systems handle variations in backlash and precision:

Backlash in Rack and Pinion Systems:

Backlash refers to the play or clearance between the teeth of the pinion and the rack in a rack and pinion system. It can result in a loss of precision and accuracy in motion control. However, there are several strategies employed to handle variations in backlash:

  • Precision Manufacturing: Rack and pinion systems are manufactured with high precision to minimize backlash. The teeth of both the pinion and the rack are carefully machined to ensure accurate tooth profiles and proper tooth engagement. Precision manufacturing techniques, such as grinding and honing, are utilized to achieve tight tolerances and reduce backlash to a minimum.
  • Preload Mechanisms: Preload mechanisms can be incorporated into rack and pinion systems to reduce or eliminate backlash. These mechanisms apply a slight force or tension to the pinion and the rack, ensuring constant contact between the teeth. By eliminating the clearance between the teeth, preload mechanisms minimize backlash and enhance precision. Common preload mechanisms include spring-loaded systems, adjustable shims, and anti-backlash devices.
  • Compensation Techniques: Compensation techniques can be employed to handle variations in backlash. These techniques involve implementing controls or software algorithms that account for the expected backlash and compensate for it during motion control. By applying appropriate corrections and adjustments, the system can achieve the desired precision and accuracy, even in the presence of backlash.

Precision in Rack and Pinion Systems:

Precision in rack and pinion systems refers to the ability to achieve accurate and repeatable motion control. Several factors contribute to maintaining precision in rack and pinion systems:

  • Rigidity and Structural Integrity: The rigidity and structural integrity of the rack and pinion system play a crucial role in maintaining precision. Stiffness in the system ensures minimal deflection or deformation during operation, allowing for accurate positioning and motion control. Proper selection of materials, adequate sizing of components, and robust construction are essential for maintaining precision.
  • Lubrication and Maintenance: Proper lubrication is important for reducing friction and wear in rack and pinion systems. Adequate lubrication minimizes variations in friction, ensuring smooth and consistent motion. Regular maintenance, including lubrication checks and cleaning, helps to preserve precision over time and prevent degradation in performance.
  • System Alignment: Precise alignment of the rack and pinion system is critical for maintaining precision. Proper alignment ensures accurate tooth engagement and minimizes variations in backlash. Alignment procedures may involve careful adjustment of mounting positions, gear meshing, and system calibration to achieve optimal precision.

By employing precision manufacturing techniques, incorporating preload mechanisms, utilizing compensation techniques, ensuring system rigidity, implementing effective lubrication and maintenance practices, and maintaining proper system alignment, rack and pinion systems can handle variations in backlash and maintain high precision in motion control. These measures contribute to accurate positioning, repeatability, and reliable performance in a wide range of applications.

plastic gear rack

Can you explain the typical applications of rack and pinion systems?

Rack and pinion systems find a wide range of applications in various industries due to their versatility, efficiency, and precise motion control. Here’s a detailed explanation of some typical applications:

  • Automotive Steering: One of the most common applications of rack and pinion systems is in automotive steering mechanisms. In this application, the rack is connected to the steering column, and the pinion gear is driven by the steering input from the driver. As the pinion gear rotates, it moves the rack linearly, which in turn controls the movement of the vehicle’s front wheels, allowing for smooth and responsive steering.
  • Robotics: Rack and pinion systems are widely used in robotics for precise and controlled linear motion. They can be found in various robotic applications, including robotic arms, gantry systems, pick-and-place robots, and CNC machines. The rack and pinion mechanism enables accurate positioning, fast movement, and high repeatability, making it ideal for tasks that require precise manipulation and motion control.
  • Linear Actuators: Rack and pinion systems are commonly employed in linear actuators, which are devices used to convert rotational motion into linear motion. The pinion gear is driven by an electric or hydraulic motor, and the linear motion of the rack is utilized to extend or retract the actuator. Linear actuators based on rack and pinion systems are used in various applications, such as industrial automation, medical equipment, and aerospace systems.
  • Machinery: Rack and pinion systems are utilized in a wide range of machinery and equipment. They are often employed in applications requiring precise linear motion control, such as cutting machines, printing presses, packaging equipment, and material handling systems. The rack and pinion mechanism enables efficient power transmission, accurate positioning, and quick response, enhancing the performance and productivity of the machinery.
  • Automation: Rack and pinion systems play a crucial role in automation processes. They are used in automated systems for tasks such as part positioning, assembly, sorting, and conveyor systems. The precise and reliable linear motion provided by rack and pinion systems contributes to the efficiency and accuracy of automated processes.

In addition to the above applications, rack and pinion systems can be found in various other fields, including agriculture, construction, entertainment industry, and more. Their compact design, high precision, efficiency, and versatility make them a popular choice for converting rotational motion into linear motion in a wide range of mechanical systems.

China best CZPT 8e1422066t Auto Power Steering Gear Assy Hydraulic Power Steering Rack and Pinion for Audi CZPT 56500-A0000 56500-4n500 56500-L4000 56500-2h100 supplier China best CZPT 8e1422066t Auto Power Steering Gear Assy Hydraulic Power Steering Rack and Pinion for Audi CZPT 56500-A0000 56500-4n500 56500-L4000 56500-2h100 supplier
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